Bicycle E-Z SEE Low Vision, Big Number Playing Cards _ Bundle of 6 Decks

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Bicycle brand EZ-SEE Low vision playing cards are designed specifically for card players whose yes may not be quite as sharp as they once were. These cards are also great for low light situations like camping and candlelight. The numbers on the cards are bold and a big 1.5 inches tall. The suits are color coded with RED for hearts, BLUE for Clubs, GREEN for Diamonds and BLACK for spades. (note: color coding is different than normal decks where one has just red and black for the suits.) These are quality plastic coated, air-cushioned finish bicycle brand playing cards. Cards measure 3.5 x 2.5 inches. 52 cards plus 2 jokers in each deck.This is a Bundle of Six decks of EZ-See Low Vision Playing Cards. Three deck have red backs and three decks have blue backings.Made here in the United States.Returns, if necessary, are always processed promptly. Sold as a bundle. All returns must include the complete new bundle in order to be processed.



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