TableTopics Family: Questions to Start Great Conversations

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Product description TableTopics Family edition makes it fun for kids to engage in conversation about their thoughts, opinions, desires and dreams. And, (sshhh!) there’s no better way for them to learn important social skills. At mealtimes, bedtime, or in the car, kids love to talk about what they think. You’ll learn something new about your kids and even yourself! Some kids are non-stop blabbers and others need electroshock therapy to pry more than one-word answers out of them. Welcome, TableTopics Family! This nifty box contains a multitude of provocative questions to focus the blabbers and stimulate the silent types. Just try pulling out these dinner conversation cards and asking: Which is more important, intelligence or common sense? What is the story behind your name? What event in the past or future would you like to witness in person? When is it OK to lie? Use TableTopics Family edition as a board game for families or card game for families. The clear acrylic cube holds 135 question cards, enough to keep the conversation going through middle school. “…these little boxes are awesome. The question cards fuel interesting discussion and get everyone involved.” – Gwyneth Paltrow, goop “Spice up family dinners with these creative, thought-provoking conversation starters…” – Better Homes and Gardens In December 2002, Cristy Clarke was on her way to a holiday cocktail party, trying to think of interesting conversation starters because she couldn’t face another evening of small talk that went nowhere. She jotted down a few great questions and then tried them out on her fellow party goers. Her experiment was a complete success, and by morning she was writing questions to test on her three daughters at their family dinner. The result is TableTopics, a collection of conversation starter sets meant to spark fun, interesting, and meaningful discussions around the dinner table, at parties, on dates, on road trips – wherever! From the Manufacturer One of the most important things we can do with our children is connect over a family meal. This fun mix of age appropriate questions range from silly to thought-provoking and encourage up-building conversation between parents and kids. It’s perfect for mealtime or bedtime, use it every day! You’ll learn something new about your kids and even yourself. With questions specially designed to engage kids in the art of conversation. Ask questions like ‘is it more fun to be a parent or a child’ and ‘is it harder for you to eat healthy or get exercise.’ Recommended for all ages. 4-inch acrylic cube with 135 questions.



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