Trekking The National Parks: The Family Board Game (Second Edition)

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Grab your walking stick and hit the trail! Trekking the National Parks is a spirited family board game that lets players experience the U.S. National Parks in a fun and competitive way. Players compete for points by claiming Park Cards and collecting trail stones as they race across the country experiencing the wonders at each of these magnificent landscapes. The game was specially designed to be both entertaining and educational. Every park card features an interesting fact and gorgeous photograph that will inspire players to explore the protected natural wonders of America. Each game also begins with a unique setup that alters the play experience in surprising ways, allowing for endless replayability. Trekking the National Parks brings the fun and challenge of modern family board games to your table. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves the outdoors and board games! For 2-5 players, ages 10 and up. Games last 30-60 minutes



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